For each owner and property we provide:

Leasing services

  • Market analysis for maximum profitability
  • Establish market rental value
  • Assess property condition and recommended repair and upgrading
  • Set realistic goals


  • Promote the property to maximize property exposure
  • Post availability on internet as well as in newspapers
  • Present the property personally to prospective renters

Establish and maintain high rental standards and screen for good tenants

  • Conduct an in-depth interview with all prospective tenants
  • Detailed rental applications
  • Credit checks
  • Check rental and personal reference
  • Detailed check-in and check-out walkthroughs

Thorough rental documents

  • Legal compliance
  • Security of clients interests

Monthly management services

  • Prompt collection of rents
  • Buffer you when tough decision are required
  • Accurate accounting of owners funds and residents security deposit
  • Pay all bills pertaining to the property
  • Maintain all records and receipts for tax purposes
  • Monthly income and expense statements on the 10th of the month
  • Exterior inspections every three months
  • Thorough interior and exterior inspections annually
  • Yearly 1099s

Repair and maintenance contracting and supervision

  • Handle all residents' concerns and repair requests at all hours of the day or night
  • Maintain a pool of high quality contractors chosen for their quality and pricing
  • Regular inspection of repairs


  • Nine percent of the collected monthly rent
  • For all newspaper advertising
  • Credit checks five dollars
  • We charge for credit checks and ad writing because we do not charge a set-up fee nor do we charge a fee for placement of tenants with a minimum of a one-year lease